Through Gerard Lane’s experienced tutelage, I was able to hone my skills in preparing monologues for an acting audition. Next month I will spend four weeks training fulltime at NIDA having been accepted into their Adult Actors Residency.

Harrison Collis Oates
Student at Launceston College and a performer with Encore Theatre Company, Mudlark and Launceston Players
Age 17

I attended workshops with Gerard for a couple of months in preparation for some big interstate auditions. He was generous with his time and spread his attention evenly between the group and individuals. Gerard offers insightful, down to earth comments and feedback. He can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses within a person and is learned in a variety of creative strategies to bring the best out of anyone as a performer. Group warm ups are focused on finding focus in yourself whilst becoming comfortable with others in the space. Gerard has an influencing presence to help everyone get in the zone – he never holds back and produces a lot of energy, a great contributor.

My auditions were more successful than I expected after Gerard’s help, I’d recommend his services to anyone with aspirations for a grand theatrical future, or even just to find some confidence within yourself.

Rory Bush-Belton
Performer with Encore Theatre Company and Launceston Musical Society
Age 22