2017 – Channel Surfing

Cast – Channel Surfing

Rachel Freeman  Grant Denyer, Shaun the Sheep and Alf Stewart

Colby Withers – Dusty Daniels, Lola the sheep, Leah Patterson-Baker

Liam ConnollyDirector and Producer

Jan GluszykVoldermort, Sheep Dog, Bryan Adams, Heath Braxton

Ashlee PrewerPeyton Daniels, Paramedic, Various Sheep characters, vocals on theme song

Gerard Lane – Director, Stage manager, Various sheep and buble technician, Jack Daniels, Robbo

2017 - Sleigh you think you got talent?

Cast - Sleigh you think you got talent?

Nicole PirlotRudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Finn HilderGrant Denyer and Spiderman

Duncan RattrayKanga the Joey of Anarchy, Doug the Dinosaur

Heath IsaccsSanta Claus and Bad Santa

Lucy IsaccsBilly the Blue-nosed Badger

George Van DijkDazza the Dawg

Connor ReillyTravelling minstral and voice over man!

Jordan DvorskyThe Hulk

Ashlee PrewerFlake the snake

Jan GluszykVoldermort