2018 – Studio Space Showcase

Cast – 2018 Studio Space Showcase

Liam Connolly
Finn Hilder
Eloise Lunn
Clare Martin
Nicole Pirlot
Duncan Rattray
Jerokee Ronan
Jenny Ronan
Sarah Squires
Colby Withers


Wednesday Inclusive Group Drama Participants
Caleb Coppleman
Nick Maynard
Isaac Askin
Connor Riley
George Van Dijk


Saturday group Sing Dance Act!
Alanah Bailey
Macy Brown
Sam Brown
Abbie Brown
Jasmine Cooper
Heidi Newman
Ava Hawkins
Sam Lindsay
Stella Manion
Jasper Pentland
Tigist Reeves
Bella Street
Aiden Thow


Inclusive Dance
Bronte Hart
Eloise Lunn
Clare Martin
George Van Dijk


Perth Primary School
Zoe Barber
Hayley Barnes
Casey Boyer
Makedde Brooks
Morgan Butler
Skylar Capodici
Mackenzie Grant
Emma Henderson
Amelia Jones
Charlotte Love
Jasmine Pears
Chase Prewer
Charli Richardson
Mikayla Richards
Klarissa Watson
Stephanie Watson
Chelsea Whitchurch
Chloe Widdowson


Gerard Lane
Ashlee Prewer
Melissa Wimmer
Jan Gluszyk
Bindy Stephens
Antonio Zanchetta
Christopher Bryg
Joel Fenton
Sally Crates
Mark Deverell


Malcolm Levett
Andrew Holt
Malcolm Butters
Matthew Little


Special Thanks
To all of our support workers who have participated in classes: JD, Marcel, Jessie, Beth, Malcolm, Michelle and others.

Three River Theatre Company
Launceston Musical Society
Perth Primary School
Narelle Colson
Launceston Players
Gina Mckenzie
Linda Madill
Chris and Karen Williams
Chris Jackson
Darren Wilmot
Bec Howard
Mandy Shepherd
Theatre North
Tasmanian Government
LINC - Scottsdale
Cameron and Sonja Hindrum
Elise Archer MP


2017 – Channel Surfing

Cast – Channel Surfing

Rachel Freeman  Grant Denyer, Shaun the Sheep and Alf Stewart

Colby Withers – Dusty Daniels, Lola the sheep, Leah Patterson-Baker

Liam ConnollyDirector and Producer

Jan GluszykVoldermort, Sheep Dog, Bryan Adams, Heath Braxton

Ashlee PrewerPeyton Daniels, Paramedic, Various Sheep characters, vocals on theme song

Gerard Lane – Director, Stage manager, Various sheep and buble technician, Jack Daniels, Robbo

2017 - Sleigh you think you got talent?

Cast - Sleigh you think you got talent?

Nicole PirlotRudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Finn HilderGrant Denyer and Spiderman

Duncan RattrayKanga the Joey of Anarchy, Doug the Dinosaur

Heath IsaccsSanta Claus and Bad Santa

Lucy IsaccsBilly the Blue-nosed Badger

George Van DijkDazza the Dawg

Connor ReillyTravelling minstral and voice over man!

Jordan DvorskyThe Hulk

Ashlee PrewerFlake the snake

Jan GluszykVoldermort